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Tori Roser

Guest - Episode 3

Tori is the owner of Pawlished Dog Training, LLC located in Mentor, Kentucky. Tori has been training dogs professionally since 2014.

After graduating from National K9's Master course, she has traveled across the country learning from the best and most innovative in the field. She now serves on the International Association of Canine Professionals's (IACP) Legislative and Research Committee and is an Affiliate of Volhard Dog Nutrition.

Her company offers private lessons, residency programs, and community training events like group classes and pack walks for her clients to continue their education. Her main goal as a pet dog trainer is to advocate for how the dog feels and sees situations to bridge the communication gap for clients. She strives to create an environment where clients feel that they always have access to more learning opportunity and a place to come for help whenever it is needed.

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