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Justine Oakwood

Guest - Episode 3

In 2007 I made the decision to attend National K9 school for dog trainings, not knowing that this practical based decision would spark a fiery passion. The education I received jump started a career that I never imagined I would deeply enjoy. Since attending NK9, I’ve committed to continuing my education by attending conferences yearly. This deep thirst for knowledge and broadening my skill set has allowed me to work with some of the world's top professionals, learning from trainers such as the Monks of New Skete, Mark Goldberg, Wendy Volhard, Mark McCabe, Jeff and Kelly Schettler, Scott Mueller, Cyndy Douan, Victoria Warfel, and Pat Stuart. The topics of these conferences covered everything from assistance work to trailing, and included every conceivable training tool. I prefer to take a holistic approach to training, address physical issues at the root of behavioral problems. I firmly believe a one size fits all training approach doesn’t work for most people and it definitely doesn’t do their dog’s justice. Every dog deserves a happy owner and every owner deserves a happy dog. I’m honored to guide my clients through their own individual training journey.

The Power of Friendship and Collaboration in the Dog Training Industry

April 5, 2021

In an industry where competition is the name of the game, it can feel very lonely. Imagine having someone in the industry who looks out for you, supports you, and collaborates with you. And then imagine if that person was yo…