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Elisa Winsor

Elisa began her love for dogs in the New York City shelter system in 2011. She spent many nights and weekends advocating for dogs on the Animal Care and Control euthanasia list. After years of suggesting perfect dogs, Elisa became one of go to volunteers of the ACC Urgent list. Rescues reached out to Elisa to handle and assess dogs to pull. While working as a paralegal by day, volunteering for JDRF and becoming a crisis counselor for battered women, Elisa started many websites and marketing campaigns on social media for NYC homeless pets such as Foster Dog Placement, One Dog at a Time, and Stress Relief with Happy Tails just to name a few.

In March 2012, Elisa and Melissa met when Melissa pulled two dogs Elisa was advocating for. Han and Leia were known in the shelter as the “War Time Romance”; they met in the shelter and fell in love. Pulled together and adopted separately, they would have never found their way out of an overcrowded shelter system without the picture taking and cross posting of Elisa. In 2014, Elisa moved to NJ to join forces and create an amazing team and the rest is history. Eventually, The Unmistakable Dog came to be and they have been helping families in the South Jersey area with in home lessons. Thanks to the Training Between the Ears form of training, their clients have seen tremendous changes in their pets.

The LGBTQ Experience in Dog Training

April 20, 2021

In this discussion, we sit down with 4 women who are members of the LGBTQ community – and the dog training community. We talk about what have been the challenges of being LGBTQ in the business but also in life, how they feel…